Lion’s Mane “The Smart Mushroom”

Smart mushroom lionsmane

In the realm of mycology, one name stands out as a bright shining start of knowledge and innovation: Paul Stamets. Renowned for his groundbreaking research and advocacy for medicinal mushrooms, Paul has given in the world of funghi Lions Mane mushroom the title of “smart mushroom.” But what exactly is the reasoning behind this?  If you are … Read more

“The 10 magical wonders of Theobroma Cacao”

Theobroma Cacao

The cacao tree, also known as Theobroma Cacao, is indeed a very special plant with different types of components to support us on many different levels. In this article we will explore the 10 fascinating wonders of Theobroma cacao. This magical plant, especially recognised for its ceremonial significance, has touched the heart of many people … Read more

Discover the Rich Flavours and Health Benefits of Cacao Drink


  Welcome to a world where indulgence meets wellness, where flavours dance on your palate, and where ancient traditions unlock the secrets of pure bliss, assisting you on your spiritual transformational journey back to the heart. I invite you to explore the magical world of ceremonial cacao drink. Within each sip lies a treasure trove … Read more

Ceremonial Cacao from the indigenous Maya from Belize

mrs Toc belize cacao farmer

Ceremonial cacao has a long history of use among the indigenous Maya of Belize and the indigenous Maya from Belize have a rich and diverse history. The Maya civilisation is one of the most significant and advanced ancient civilisations, known for their impressive achievements in architecture, mathematics, astronomy, agriculture, and arts. Ceremonial Cacao played a … Read more

Ceremonial Cacao : 4 IMPORTANT BENEFITS

benefits ceremonial cacao

The benefits of Ceremonial Cacao range from so many different levels. Most of us in the westren world are very aware of the physical health benefits of cacao, but only a small amount of people can tell you the emotional, spiritual and community benefits this powerful sacred plant medicine holds. Ceremonial cacao is a type … Read more

Ceremonial Cacao in Oaxaca, Mexico


Ceremonial cacao has a long history of use in the region of Oaxaca, Mexico, and was an important part of the traditional culture of the indigenous peoples of the region. Oaxaca count several different indigenous communities, under which the Zapotec & Mazatec. Cacao was believed to have a number of medicinal properties, and was used … Read more

Is Ceremonial Cacao chocolate?

Blog post is ceremonial cacao chocolate

Even though both Ceremonial Cacao and Chocolate are made from the same basic ingredient; Cacao, they are absolutely not the same thing! There are some very important key differences in the way that chocolate and ceremonial cacao are grown, harvested, processed and used which result in different flavour profiles, textures, quality and it’s health benefits. … Read more

The difference between Psychedelic & medicinal Mushrooms


We might not get to grasp of it, but there are so many different types of mushrooms out there. The mushroom kingdom is huge!! There are poisonous mushrooms, psychedelic mushrooms, but also edible and medicinal mushrooms. Medicinal Mushrooms are edible mushrooms, that are classified as “food” under the EU regulations. As the power of mushrooms … Read more