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*3 BLENDS - Signature Blend + Immune Support + Brain Power

Ceremonial Grade Cacao of the highest quality straight from the ancient Maya lands, Blended with medicinal Mushrooms & Traditional Maya Spices

  • SIGNATURE BLEND: Ceremonial Grade CACAO & & Traditional Maya Spices
  • IMMUNE SUPPORT: Ceremonial Grade CACAO + 1000mg wild-harvested CHAGA Dual-Extract & Traditional Maya Spices
  • BRAIN POWER: Ceremonial Grade CACAO + 1000mg LION’S MANE Dual-Extract & Traditional Maya Spices


In the ancient Maya lands cacao is considered a sacred plant where they have been using it for thousands as a plant medicine for the physical, mental and spiritual body. Still up today its amazing health and spiritual benefits are being honored worldwide.

This Ceremonial Grade Cacao is from indigenous Maya tribes, out of Southern Belize. The cacao tree, also referred to as "Cucu" is a national tree in their community and grows natively in perfect harmony together with pineapple, vanilla and tobacco trees, which provided the subtle tones to this fine flavored and rare cacao bean. Everything on their lands grown is naturally grown in biodiversity, the perfect condition for cacao to flourish The Indigenous Maya family farmers pass their knowledge about the sacred plants from generation upon generation and harvest their cacao with deep respect for "La Madre Tierra", supporting organic sustainable farming.

To protect not only this rare type of cacao (that's being threatened by big cacao cooperations), but also the life of the indigenous Maya families, a high price is being paid for these special cacao beans.

100% pure, honest, premium Ceremonial Grade Cacao of the highest quality

Infused with:

Cayenne pepper: A native spice from the ancient Maya lands to help increase cacao's medicinal powers. It helps to increase to blood flow, digestive health and the amount of heat your body produces, making you burn more calories and may give you a fuller feeling for longer. It may reduce inflammation and pushes clean, oxygenated blood to your cells.

Ceylon Cinnamon: A powerful herb used as a traditional medicine to increase circulation. The antioxidants in cinnamon have anti-inflammatory effects and Cinnamaldehyde has antifungal and antibacterial properties. Cinnamon may also help reduce blood sugar levels.

Vanille: Cacao and Vanilla go together like Romeo and Juliet. Smelling vanilla can have calming effects on the mind. Both Aztecs & Maya used vanilla to enhance the heart-opening effects of cacao, as they believed that adding vanilla would give aphrodisiac effects.

CHAGA Inonotuus Obliquus

There are many types of mushrooms but Chaga is Unique! Also known as "The King of the Medicinal Mushrooms". This edible fungus is native to our Northern Hemisphere where it's been used for thousands of years by Siberian tribes and shamans as a medicinal plant. Chaga is classified as a functional mushroom (non-psychedelic)

LION’S MANE Hericium Erinaceus

When you see this mushroom you will understand its name. Also known as “Monkey Head Mushroom”. Buddist monks used Lion’s Mane mushroom to enhance brain power and heighten their focus during meditation. Lion's Mane is a very well studied medical mushroom and is non-psychedelic. This blend contains 1000mg of a Dual-extract with more then 30% Polysaccharides.

Learn more about the heath benefits of Cacao

This authentic drink can be used as:

  • A nourishing supplement 
  • A coffee replacement
  • A natural stimulants
  • A spiritual heart medicine



Step 1: Choose your dosage

1 bag contains 100 gram

5-10 regular drinking servings of 10-20 grams each

2-3 potent ceremonial doses of 33.3- 50 gram each

Step 2: Add warm liquid


(Plant) Milk *Oats milk recommended

Herbal Tea

[Do not boil the liquid or you will lose most of the magic]

Step 3: Blend / Whisk the Magic

The cacao is already potently spiced with: Cayenne pepper, Ceylon cinnamon, Vanille.

Feel free to add any other sweeteners / herbs / spices of your choice.


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