coffee vs cacao

Cacao VS Coffee: 5 reasons why you should consider making the switch

By Sharon | October 24, 2022

More and more people are making the switch from drinking fresh brewed coffee to ceremonial cacao. But why? If you are a solid coffee drinker, You might be thinking… “Well … Read more

Medicinal mushrooms blog post

The difference between Medicinal & Psychedelic Mushrooms

By Sharon | July 5, 2022

We might not get to grasp of it, but there are so many different types of mushrooms out there. The mushroom kingdom is huge!! There are poisonous mushrooms, psychedelic mushrooms, … Read more

Blog post cacao love drug

cacao: “the love drug”

By Sharon | May 25, 2022

Your heart starts to beat faster, your palms are sweaty and the butterflies in your belly are all over the place. Yes you are in love! But did you know … Read more

Blog post Food of the gods

cacao: “Food of the gods”

By Sharon | May 17, 2022

Ancient Meso-America civilizations like the Olmecs, Aztecs and Maya believed that cacao was gifted by their gods as profound plant medicine, to heal the physical, emotional and spiritual body. They … Read more

Blog post what is ceremonial cacao

What is Ceremonial Cacao exactly?

By Sharon | June 28, 2021

Ceremonial Grade Cacao is a sacred beverage from the ancient Maya lands. Cacao is native to Meso-America and has been used by ancient civilizations like the Olmecs, Aztecs and Maya … Read more