Committed to giving back 

We believe in a world of give and take ..

Community is truly the beating heart of Herbal Cacao and we are committed to honour the hard work from the farmers on the lands, all they way to our own society!

Leaving a positive social & environmental impact, from bean to cup

Supporting the indigenous maya tribes

The ancient Maya already know best that operating with a strong community foundation, is a strong sustainable way to protect their indigenous lifestyle and keep cacao yield high all year round.

To ensure we could do our part to give back straight to the hands it comes from, we are purchasing these special beans from the indigenous Maya families beyond Fair-Trade, thus paying them above market price for these special beans! By doing so, we honour their hard work and allow them to invest directly back into their community, so they can maintain their indigenous way of life. By establishing this type of pricing structure, allows us to pay on average about 2-3 times the fair-trade standard price per kilo. This way the money get's filtered down back to the source.

The indigenous Maya tribes share a great deal of ancient knowledge about sacred plant medicine, organic agroforestry and the cosmos.

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1 % for the planet

Putting the planet first. Giving back to our Mother Earth.

Cacao is a sacred food that only thrives in bio-diversity.

Herbal Cacao is committed to give back to were we take from, by donating part of our profit to re-wild our Mother Earth.

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A 100% social enterprice

We want to ensure we create a positive social impact from the beginning of the supply chain, all the way to the end-consumer YOU!

To provide you with these premium ceremonial cacao blends, a highly sophisticated team is needed to ensure the cacao is de​alt with utmost love and care. We are now proudly working together with a social working company in the Netherlands that aims to support the less capable in participating in society and is committed to a world in which everyone participates. In which we have an eye for each other and see each other for what we are worth. And above all: in which we bring out the best in each other. Perhaps that is what makes their work so special: we believe in the strength of every person.

All the Herbal Cacao blends are made in perfect harmony, especially for you with an intense amount of love and focus.

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