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Founder of Herbal cacao


Herbal Cacao is created with a passion to spread the nourishing and healing powers of the sacred cacao plant, medicinal mushrooms and tonic herbs. 

Contributing to your healthy conscious lifestyle and also support for your spiritual journey.

"I want you to be the best version of yourself in all aspects; mentally, physically and spiritually" - Sharon Fernie 


For 12 years I was traveling like a gypsy to all different places in the world. I am born and raised in the Netherlands, but when I was 18 I couldn’t wait to spread my wings and see what else the world has got to offer me. When I discovered Mexico my heart found its place.

I always had a deep passionate love affair with chocolate and when I found out its roots came from the ancient Maya lands I knew this would be the start of something incredible that I wanted to share with as many people as possible


I was always interested in nutrition and how I can get the best, out of the best, from all types of food sources. As cacao has been my old-time favorite and the most nutritious out of all the food sources, my heart exploded with a desire to share this incredibly highly nutritious sacred food with the world. But how?

My adventures passion took over and I continued traveling to discover the powers of medicinal mushrooms and adaptogenic herbs, that expanded my knowledge into holistic and sacred plant medicine even further! I participated in many plant healing ceremonies, workshops and dived into different courses to expand my knowledge. (*Holistic Nutrition, by the school of natural health sciences. - *Living nutrition, by David Wolfe. - *Herbal Entrepreneur, by the Herbal Academy)

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Then the time came to reevaluate my life. Going from country to country was a lot of fun, but I still didn’t build anything and I  was so eager to share all the beauty I came across in my travels. Part of my heart was filled with the love for cacao, sacred plant medicine, indigenous tribes and a deeply rooted passion to share its nutritional and spiritual powers. I came back to the Netherlands to my roots and took part of my new roots with me. The time for real inspired action step had now arrived and so Herbal Cacao was born into the physical world.


One day my after my daily cup of cacao I had a profound experience. I felt extremely "called" to introduce the world the powerfull effects of plant medicine. A feeling of intense gratitude was flowing through my body. An enormous power within me and a warm glow was passing through all my veins and a connection that is almost impossible to describe in words. I am here to serve you, to introduce you to the magic of nature, that helps evolve mankind. These plant are here for us as a gift from Mother nature herself. To assist us on our journey to live life in optimal health; feeding our body, mind and soul, so we can live our life from our true heart desires, our unique true essence, where only love resides.


Feeling "called" is a big statement and difficult to describe. I could say that my service to you, to the world is, to share the knowledge I withhold from plant medicine and life it selfs. The wisdom that many spirituel teachers have passed on to me, to help you open up your heart, to find your unique you, your lives purpose.  To help you bring the unconscious conscious, so we van heal from our limiting belief and start living the live of our dreams.To serve as an inspiration to always follow your deepest hearts desires. These plants are so powerful and are giving to us as a blessing from mother nature, to re-ignite our fire within. The deep love we all share for not just ourselves, or others, but for life itself. To feel, to be, to fully truly live life from your hearts desires!!!


It has become my mission to share my knowledge and to let the world experience the powerful effects of these sacred plants by combining the nutritional and spiritual world. To support you on your conscious healthy lifestyle and on your spiritual journey.

I truly want you to be the best version of yourself in all aspects; mentally, physically and spiritually!!!

By doing so I want to ensure a positive effect throughout the supply chain. From bio-degradable packaging to supporting organic sustainable agroforestry, to protecting the indigenous lifestyle of ancient Maya tribes, to the workers on the land, the ancient wisdom keepers, their traditions, and their communities. To our own community; teaming up with a social working compay, that helps in producing, packaging and sending these beautiful products. All the way to the end- consumer YOU... To encourage you to open up your heart and live your life to absolute MAX!

FOUNDER - Sharon Fernie

"Be the love, share the love, spread the love. Together we raise our vibration "

- Sharon Fernie

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- Core values -



Community is the heart of Herbal Cacao and ever since I opened the doors, my intention is to be a fully 100% social enterprise. By leaving a positive social impact from beginning of the supply chain all the way to YOU:

By going beyond Fair-Trade, sourcing sacred cacao beans from the indigenous Maya tribes and paying them above market price for their special beans, we honour their hard work and allow them to invest directly back into their community, leaving a positive social impact at the source.

By collaborating with a social working company in the Netherlands, to assist in processing the unique Herbal Cacao blends.

By offering a partnership community program where we both benefit from each others special gifts to be shared with the world.

By providing you with FREE content (E-Book & Blog posts) to keep the community informed and educated regarding all the aspects of Herbal Cacao

To provide a platform for the community to share our passion for these sacred plants and by opening up the space every month via the Cacao Circle & The Events Calendar

By getting together in Ceremony & the annual Cacao Party

Cacao farmers


I am a great believer in give and take. To invest back and honour were you take from creates a powerful bond.

Giving back is part of showing my extra respect and gratitude for the hard work and labour that is bringing us this extraordinary product.

Donating 1 % back to the planet to re-wild our Mother Earth. Cacao is a great example in  nature, as it only thrives in bio-diversity. To support our planet and give back where we take from we donate 1% back to re-wild Mother Earth. Read more...

your health

Supporting your health

In a holistic approach to your health all elements of the mind, body and soul connection are taken into consideration.

Only the best quality beans and herbs, with the highest nutritional profile, that are going far beyond the physical health, are being selected to find its way into your cup.

Providing you with a premium product, to nourish your overall health and wellbeing, physically, emotionally and spiritually.

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Positive social & environmental impact

By going far beyond Fair-Trade, sourcing the cacao beans from the indigenous Maya tribes and paying them above market price for their special beans, we honour their hard work and allow them to invest directly back into their community, so they can maintain their indigenous way of life

With the respect for our "La Madre Tierra" our Mother Earth, no chemicals / pesticides are being used for higher yield. Instead we embrace bio-diversity for ingredients to flourish and create high nutritional value from healthy soil. Herbal Cacao collaborate with communities who share and honour the respect for our Mother Nature and the importance of sustainable, organic farming. Therefore all ingredients are either sustainable wild-harvested (Chaga extract) or sustainably grown and officially organic certified. 100% free from GMO, chemicals and pesticides.

Each ingredient from medicinal mushrooms to traditional spices are carefully selected, where farmers and suppliers picked the best quality and have tested their product to the highest standards,  with honouring the plant spirits, organic & sustainable farming

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