Ceremonial Serving Cup (Handmade)


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Artisan handmade in Southern Mexico – Oaxaca, from indigenous families keeping alive the tradition of “Clay pottery”. Every cop is hand painted and that is why some patterns and sizes may differ.

They use these cups for serving cacao in ceremony. Sometimes this is used individually for a festive season, but mostly this cup is used for serving smaller cups in the family home

The perfect serving cup for serving your cacao, in your cacao ceremony.

Create your cacao ritual / ceremony at home, or else where and use this beautiful hand made ceremonial cup to serve tour tribe the sacred cacao beverage.

  • Handmade with clay and baked in the oven using their own made paint
  • Wash this cup thoroughly before use !
  • No cup is the same
  • All cups vary in size & patterns
  • Trust that I will pick the perfect cup for your order, your ceremony, your, people, your medicine 🙂


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Ceremonial cup
Ceremonial Serving Cup (Handmade)