Molinillo (Handmade)


A traditional, authentic, handmade whisk, used for thousands of years by indigenous Maya tribes, to froth their cacao beverage.

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A Molinillo is a traditional, authentic, whisk used for thousands of years by indigenous Maya tribes to froth their ceremonial cacao beverage.

This Molinillo is handmade by indigenous Maya tribes from southern Mexico in the stated Oaxaca, who have a deep history with woodworking – some spending nearly 50 years making molinillos. It’s a craft that is shared and passed on to keep these rich, intricate pieces alive.

Each molinillo is made by hand – turned and carved out of a single piece of alder wood; then decorated with dark accents burned into the wood.

You can use it for a small saucepan or large mug for an individual serving.

This molinillo is also great for muddling fruits and herbs



You simply roll the shaft between the palms of your hands to churn, mix, and foam the cacao.

This requires little skills and creates a momentum / a moment for your to set your intention by incorporating all the vibras (vibrations) into your ceremonial drink


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Weight220 g

Large (+/- 35cm), Medium (+/- 31cm), Small (+/- 25cm)


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