How much is to much ceremonial cacao?

holding herbal cacao in sun

The right  amount of ceremonial cacao to be consumed for you can vary in many different factors like;  depending on your personal preferences, tolerance, and the specific ceremony or intention. To be honest in the realm of plant medicine, the dosage is a delicate dance, a symphony of balance between body, mind, and spirit, where … Leer más

Discover the Rich Flavours and Health Benefits of Cacao Drink


  Bienvenido a un mundo donde la indulgencia se encuentra con el bienestar, donde los sabores bailan en su paladar y donde las antiguas tradiciones revelan los secretos de la felicidad pura, ayudándolo en su viaje de transformación espiritual de regreso al corazón. Te invito a explorar el mágico mundo de la bebida ceremonial del cacao. Dentro de cada sorbo hay un tesoro escondido... Leer más

Cacao Ceremonial de los indígenas Mayas de Belice

Indígenas mayas de Belice

El cacao ceremonial tiene una larga historia de uso entre los indígenas mayas de Belice y los indígenas mayas de Belice tienen una historia rica y diversa. La civilización maya es una de las civilizaciones antiguas más importantes y avanzadas, conocida por sus impresionantes logros en arquitectura, matemáticas, astronomía, agricultura y artes. El Cacao Ceremonial jugó un… Leer más


beneficios del cacao ceremonial

The benefits of Ceremonial Cacao range from so many different levels. Most of us in the westren world are very aware of the physical health benefits of cacao, but only a small amount of people can tell you the emotional, spiritual and community benefits this powerful sacred plant medicine holds. Ceremonial cacao is a type … Leer más

Cacao Ceremonial en Oaxaca, México


Ceremonial cacao has a long history of use in the region of Oaxaca, Mexico, and was an important part of the traditional culture of the indigenous peoples of the region. Oaxaca count several different indigenous communities, under which the Zapotec & Mazatec. Cacao was believed to have a number of medicinal properties, and was used … Leer más

Es Cacao Ceremonial igual a chocolate?

Blog post is ceremonial cacao chocolate

Even though both Ceremonial Cacao and Chocolate are made from the same basic ingredient; Cacao, they are absolutely not the same thing! There are some very important key differences in the way that chocolate and ceremonial cacao are grown, harvested, processed and used which result in different flavour profiles, textures, quality and it’s health benefits. … Leer más

La diferencia entre Hongos Psicodélicos y Medicinales


We might not get to grasp of it, but there are so many different types of mushrooms out there. The mushroom kingdom is huge!! There are poisonous mushrooms, psychedelic mushrooms, but also edible and medicinal mushrooms. Medicinal Mushrooms are edible mushrooms, that are classified as “food” under the EU regulations. As the power of mushrooms … Leer más

Cacao: El Alimento Divino de los Dioses

Publicación de blog cacao alimento de los dioses

Ancient Meso-America civilizations like the Olmecs, Aztecs and Maya believed that cacao was gifted by their gods as profound plant medicine, to heal the physical, emotional and spiritual body. They believed the cacao tree had been taken from a sacred mountain by the feathered-serpent god Quetzalcoatl who gifted it to the people and taught women … Leer más