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Many of us are searching for ways to reconnect with ourselves, reduce stress, and enhance our overall well-being. Despite the plethora of modern wellness products available, there’s a growing interest in returning to ancient, natural remedies that have stood the test of time. One such remedy is ceremonial cacao, but with so much misinformation and low-quality products on the market, it’s hard to know where to start

You’re likely familiar with chocolate, but did you know that the highly processed chocolate we commonly consume is far removed from its ancient roots? The ceremonial cacao used by the Maya, Aztecs, and Olmecs was a sacred plant medicine, revered for its ability to heal the physical, emotional, and spiritual body. Unfortunately, most of the cacao on the market today is grown in conditions that exploit workers and harm the environment. Moreover, without proper knowledge, one might miss out on the profound benefits that true ceremonial cacao offers.

My name is Sharon Fernie, and I am the Founder of Herbal Cacao, providing the world with high-quality Medicinal Ceremonial Cacao Blends. Our mission is to support our community in their journey of self and spiritual discovery. I have a deep passion for holistic wellness and ancient traditions. Through Herbal Cacao, I aim to spread awareness about the profound benefits of ceremonial cacao and other medicinal herbs and mushrooms. I strive to create a space where individuals can connect with themselves and each other on a deeper level, to be the love, share the love, and spread the love.

Join me here in the “Herbal Cacao Journal” as we explore the fascinating world of our active medicinal ingredients, cacao rituals, ancient healing practices, and modern wellness techniques. Whether you’re a seasoned practitioner or just beginning your journey, this blog post in the “Herbal Cacao Journal” is your invitation to deepen your understanding of this sacred plant and its profound impact on mind, body, and spirit. Let’s embark on this journey together, cultivating a community rooted in love, healing, and spiritual exploration.

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So, What is Ceremonial Cacao Exactly?

Ceremonial Grade Cacao is a sacred beverage from the ancient Maya lands. Cacao is native to Meso-America and has been used by ancient civilizations like the Olmecs, Aztecs, and Maya for thousands of years as a profound plant medicine to heal the physical, emotional, and spiritual body.

The Ancient Maya and Cacao

Today, we know cacao more as the main ingredient in chocolate, but our ancestors from the ancient Maya lands didn’t use cacao for chocolates. The Maya didn’t even know what chocolate was! It was actually the Dutch who invented that, and cacao and chocolate are definitely not the same thing. But that’s a whole other blog post. To understand what Ceremonial Grade Cacao actually is, we need to delve into the Maya culture and history.

The ancient Maya are native to the regions we know today as Guatemala, Belize, and Mexico. They have a fascinating history of using cacao. Evidence and stories reveal that the Maya used cacao as a sacred beverage in most, if not all, of their rituals and ceremonies.

“Food of the Gods”

The Maya believed cacao was gifted by their feathered serpent god to humans—a gift to feel our hearts’ energy more profoundly. The cacao grows natively on their lands from the original strain, on a tree known as the “Theobroma Cacao Tree.” This tree remains sacred to most indigenous people in the ancient Maya lands. The scientific name is Theobroma (Theo=God, Broma=Food). The Theobroma Cacao tree bears fruits known as cacao pods. Inside these pods are seeds, which are the actual cacao beans.

The Maya have been consuming this “food of the gods” for thousands of years by grinding the cacao beans and mixing them with water, creating the sacred (slightly bitter) beverage we refer to as 100% pure ceremonial grade cacao. Sometimes, spices were added to enhance the flavor or to augment other healing properties depending on the use.

This sacred cacao drink was shared in the community for all sorts of ceremonies and rituals. They deeply believed in the plant spirit “Espiritu Cacao” (also referred to as mother cacao) to help heal the physical, emotional, and spiritual body. From weddings and baptisms to warriors before heading to war, to shamanistic ceremonies for the elite—this sacred cacao beverage was used extensively. Medicine women used it to help with upset stomachs or provided it after childbirth for extra nutrition for the mother.

One thing is for sure: the Maya loved cacao and worshipped it highly for its nourishing, heart-opening, and bliss-inducing properties.

The Difference Between Ceremonial Grade Cacao and Regular Chocolate

Ceremonial Grade Cacao is not to be confused with 100% pure chocolate you can find in the supermarket. Chocolate is the highly processed form of cacao. But the difference between regular cacao and ceremonial grade goes further. Ceremonial cacao is made from the whole cacao bean. These beans undergo a fermentation process necessary for cultivating their flavor profile and activating certain natural compounds. The beans are then cracked and stone-ground by traditional means. No further processing, temperature rises, or tempering—just 100% natural cacao beans. Read this blog post in the Herbal Cacao Journal to learn more about the diffrence.

The Dark Side of Cacao Production

There is a very dark side to cacao production in our world. Cacao grows natively and in perfect harmony in biodiversity in the ancient Maya lands. To meet the demand for chocolate, cacao has been taken to West Africa, where almost 90% of the world’s cacao comes from. Here, the plant spirit is not honored and grown on large farms with low quality, depleting our Mother Earth. The cacao farmers here are underpaid, and much child labor is involved.

Herbal Cacao has made it a mission to provide products with an extremely high nutritional value of the highest quality from what Mother Nature can provide us while supporting organic, sustainable agroforestry and the indigenous life of the Maya cacao farmers. We collaborate only with sustainable companies that have a dedication to the environment, stand 100% behind the purity of the ingredients, and honor the plant spirit, thus creating a positive social and environmental impact.

By going beyond fair trade (Transparent-Trade) and paying the farmers above market value for their precious cacao, we can protect the indigenous lifestyle of the Maya people and the high-quality, fine-flavored cacao industry, ensuring a positive effect throughout the supply chain.

Giving Back

Know where your cacao comes from. Ensure you are buying from someone that is transparent and honors sustainable, organic farming. By showing your respect for the sacred beverage, you honor the plant spirit, Mother Earth, and indigenous cacao farmers.

Through Herbal Cacao, we invite you to join us in this movement. By choosing ceremonial grade cacao, you not only support your own wellness journey but also contribute to a more sustainable and ethical world. Let’s honor the ancient wisdom of the Maya and transform our lives with the heart-opening power of ceremonial cacao.

Thank you for reading my blog post in our Herbal Cacao Journal. 

Feel free to share this post with anyone who you might think can benefit from reading this.

Sharon Fernie (Founder of Herbal Cacao)

Con amor, 

Sharon Fernie, Founder Herbal Cacao

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