"Brain Power" [*] | 500 gram


Cacaoblok van 500 gram.

100% Pure, Premium, Organische, High Vibrational, Ceremonial Grade Cacao, - rechtstreeks uit de oude Maya-landen. Doordrenkt met LION'S MANE & *Traditionele Maya-kruiden

Ingrediënten: Cacao van ceremoniële kwaliteit, Hericium Erinaceus, cardamom,  cinnamon, vanilla 

Our 500gram Ceremonial Cacao is from indigenous Maya tribes, out of Southern Belize, where cacao is still considered a sacred plant for healing & nourishing our body, mind and soul. Infused with a potent organic sustainably harvested dual-extract 15:1 MANEN VAN DE LEEUW Mushroom >20% to enhance brain function. Our *Traditional Maya Spices are also added, to enhance the magic of cacao


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"Hersen kracht"

100% Pure, Premium, Organische, High Vibrational, Ceremonial Grade Cacao, van de hoogste kwaliteit. Rechtstreeks uit het oude Maya-land en doordrenkt met LION'S MANE & traditionele Maya-kruiden.

Cacao wordt beschouwd als een heilige plant in de oude Maya-landen. De inheemse Maya-bevolking gebruikt Cacao al voor duizenden als plantmedicijn voor het fysieke, mentale en spirituele lichaam. Nog steeds worden de verbazingwekkende gezondheids- en spirituele voordelen ervan wereldwijd geëerd.

These special cacao beans are naturally and natively grown on the sacred land of the indigenous Maya community in Guatemala for thousands of years. The indigenous Maya family cacao farmers harvest their cacao with deep respect for La Madre Tierra supporting organic and sustainable farming throughout their community. This premium variety of cacao truly flourishes in biodiversity, with the plant spirit Ixcacao fully activated

To protect not only this rare type of cacao (that is being threatened by big cacao cooperations) and also support organic and sustainable cacao; A high price is being paid for these special sacred beans.

These premium ceremonial cacao beans are then blended with a lot of love by our community here in the Netherlands,- A group of individuals who fall short of the Dutch society's working norms, due to either mental or physical disability, but with a pure heart and a passion for the plant medicine. Creating a beautiful potent medicinal cacao blend, with the supervision of experts in the field in a social working place where they come together to do what they can and to be part of something great.

A true sustainable ethical premium Ceremonial Cacao block, to be shared with your community passing on the love from Bean to Cup

LION'S MANE Hericium Erinaceus. Is a non-psychedelic very well-studied medicinal or functional mushroom. And happened to be the Nr.1 Nootropic in the world! Helping to promote more mental clarity and focus. When you see this mushroom you will understand its name. Also known as “Monkey Head Mushroom”. Buddhist monks used Lion’s Mane mushrooms to enhance brain power and heighten their focus during meditation. This blend contains 1000mg of an organic sustainable harvested Lion’s Mane mushroom 

Dual-Extract 15:1 > 20% Polysaccharides. Lees verder 

*Cardamom: Known as “the queen of spices,” native from approx 300,000 Indigenous Q’eqchi Maya farmers from the region Alta Vera Paz in Guatemala. Cardamon is traditionally used to help increase cacao’s medicinal powers. It helps to increase to blood flow, digestive health, and the amount of heat your body produces, making you burn more calories and may give you a fuller feeling for longer. It may reduce inflammation and push clean, oxygenated blood to your cells. Its nature is to clear what is muddled, confused, weighted down, and/or heavy. Clears the mind from overthinking, creating a peaceful place to make decisions. Cardamom can also have a rejuvenating effect on those who feel exhausted by the challenges of life or support altering a perception that ‘life is difficult’.

*Ceylon Cinnamon: Een krachtig kruid dat als traditioneel medicijn wordt gebruikt om de bloedsomloop te stimuleren. De antioxidanten in kaneel hebben ontstekingsremmende effecten en kaneelaldehyde heeft schimmelwerende en antibacteriële eigenschappen. Kaneel kan ook helpen de bloedsuikerspiegel te verlagen.

*Vanilla: Cacao en vanille gaan samen zoals Romeo en Julia. Het ruiken van vanille kan kalmerende effecten hebben op de geest. Zowel de Azteken als de Maya's gebruikten vanille om de hartopenende effecten van cacao te versterken, omdat ze geloofden dat het toevoegen van vanille lustopwekkende effecten zou geven.



Stap 1: Kies je dosering

1 zakje bevat 100 gram

5-10 gewone drinkporties van elk 10-20 gram

2-3 krachtige ceremoniële doses van elk 33,3-50 gram

Stap 2: Voeg warme vloeistof toe




[Kook de vloeistof niet, anders verlies je de meeste magie]

Stap 3: Blend / klop de magie

De cacao is al krachtig gekruid met: Cayennepeper, Ceylonkaneel, Vanille.

Voeg gerust nog andere zoetstoffen/kruiden/specerijen naar keuze toe.

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Gewicht 5.00 g
Afmetingen 28.5 × 17 × 3 cm
500 gram ceremoniële cacao
"Brain Power" [*] | 500 gram