Heart-Heart Private Mentorship

1-1 Transformational Conversations, – with Sharon Fernie

Manifesting Your Hearts Desires

Feeling stuck, or lost in life…? Trouble finding meaning or purpose? These feelings can be overwhelming or at times even numbness.. We get stuck in the mind and find it challenging to connect to our hearts, we lack a sense of self love but don’t know where to start as keep falling back into old patterns…

I have been there myself and I know its not a nice place to be in. You want to change but feel lost and overwhelmed or at times just numbed out , unable to make any choices.

Something has brought you to come here on this webpage to seek further guidance … I welcome you with a open heart and a huge smile 🙂 Take a moment to give yourself some credit for taking the first step into your transformational journey.

At times we kind find the gratitude or love for ourself and see how far we come and what beauty we have created. We get stuck into people pleasing patterns, get afraid to speak out our truth to others, or to stand out by the way we dress. When we feel uncomfortable to introduce ourself in a group of people, or when we are over compensating ll comes our of a lack of self love or self worth.  Even being in a codependant relationship with a romantic partner, friends or family member is coming from this state off lack of self love. 

This happens when we stop to trusting our intuition (our inner guiding compass) and we are afraid to express our emotions on how we truly feel.

Start the business you always dreamed off…. overcome your fears that are holding you back form fully emerging into your desires…


Sharon Fernie Founder Herbal cacao

I am Sharon, founder of Herbal Cacao and empowerment coach to help you reconnect to your heart. For most of my live I’ve been dominated by the masculine energy living mainly in the mind, overthinking and not fully understanding the potential that is living inside me. I felt out of balance and was looking for support to help me get out of the mind and bring the feminine energy back, to feel safe to surrender to my heart. Here is where the plant medicine of cacao did deep healing for me. However the work I was doing and the mission I was gifted with for this life was big and so a huge emotional impact (car accident) happened to speed the process of the balance up for me. I wouldn’t have know how I was able to walk this path without the powerful support I got from my mentors. Throughout my journey and challenges I have faced, it has becoming my mission to help and support people on their journey back to their hearts. cultivate slef love & self love. To find their uniqueness, their true selfs and claim their hearts desires.  “I truly want you to be the best version of yourself in all aspects; mentally, physically and spiritually!!!”

I help you to connect back to the wisdom of your heart, to give you the support to believe in yourself that anything you want is possible. We will delve deep into the most fundamental question of life.. “What do you want?!”… 

As an empowerment coach I guide you to stretch your vision and help you zoom out, so you can start to believe that you are so much more powerful than you can even imagine! 

That its is all possible and that I am here to help you. I’ll be there to hold your hand when you run into roadblocks and walls and help you navigate your challenges and face your shadows. 

Sharon Fernie Founder Herbal cacao

My teachers on my journey have been very diverse. I looked into all aspect of myself that I wanted to develop further, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. This has led me to follow different variety of courses and workshop lead by some great teachers in their field.

The legendary personal development coach,- Bob Proctor gave me a beautiful foundation for my mindset, where as Melanie Ann Layer, Amanda Frances & Melinte Reitzema played a huge role in expanding this further on a energetic layer holding space for the emotional body.  Including teaching from Dr. Joe Dispensa and the Heart Math Institute who deepened my knowledge about the powerful and sacred connection of the heart.

I participated in many plant healing ceremonies in all corners of the world and I have been blessed to have meet many different (spiritual) teachers, who have shared their ancestral wisdom with me. From Yogi Vishnu in the highlands of India, to the to the indigenous Maya elders I continue to visit each year. 

Even though these mentors have shared powerful ancestral wisdom with me. My greatest teachers of all, have always been the challenges unique in my life and the plant spirits it self!



3 months Private Mentorship

Together we go to the depths of your heart to find clarity on what you want and where you want to go in life and give you support to claim your heart’s desires. To find meaning and purpose on your lives path.  

Il be there with you every step of the way to give you 1-1 support to navigate any challenges and guide you constantly back to your heart, your true self. To help you to tune into your higher self, your mission, your purpose, your soul’s path.

Schedule your FREE 30 minute gift call in with me, to start your transformational process.


8 one-one mentorship session 1.5 hours.  

(1st month weekly 90 minutes transformational calls | 2nd & 3rd month biweekly 90 minutes transformational calls 

Heart openings medicine

We open every session by sharing a a cup of medicinal cacao

Discover your gifts

Short energetic blue print reading  

Personalised affirmation 

Guidance on writing your your personal life script for self hypnosis

Clarification of your offering & Redefinition  of your unique mission statement


Understanding who you are on a energetic level

Discover what desires are living in your hearts of hearts

Clarity on your heart desires

Balancing your mind & hearts

Making more aligned choices

Cultivating high vibrations aligned with self love

A redefined offering of your gifts

An mission statement for your lives path

Together we build a solid sacred practise personally designed for you to cultivate more self love. We will work on your self image to create a strong sense of self, so you can step into your personal power. I’ll show you that you are the creator of your own life and that you can do anything, anything your heart desires. I’ll be there to help you listen to the whispers of your heart and claim your fullness, your inner power. 

The meaning of life is to find your gift. 

The purpose of life is to give it away.

– Pablo Picasso

My Gift For You

Through my journey of self and spiritual discovery I embraced my gifts that make me unique in helping you to claim your hearts desires.

I share a great amount of enthusiasm for life, igniting the fire of other people’s manifestations process naturally.  My innocence or naïveté helps me to speak directly to your inner child, to help you to see her, nourish her and give her the excitement you need to fully claim your inner power.

If you are familiar with energetic blue prints you might be able to go a bit deeper into my energy and what more I could do for you. My sun is in Gemini, my moon in Sagittarius and I have a Libra rising sign.

In Human Design I am a Manifestor. I have the energy to kick start and light the fire of a new project. In my offer I gift you part of this to help you kickstart your project, your dream. I’ll help you ignite the fire, fuel it and magnify it to its fullest potential.

In the Maya Cosmovision my Nawal is Tzi’kin = Eagle. The one that holds the vision. I help you zoom out to create a bigger vision, to help you to see the possibilities that were left in the dark and bring them closer to you.

I have a gift of helping you refine, clarify and simplify your mission statement, to help you close exist, so you gain a better focus on your path.

“It’s my mission in this life to share my gifts with you so you can find support, inspiration and guidance to claim your fullest potential”

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THIS IS FOR YOU, if you are ready to….

Get clarity on your hearts desires

strenghen your souls path

clarity on your values and believes

Increased self love 

Become a heart empowered individual who is fully claiming her desires

You know what you want and how to anchor into this vibrational match

LET’S GO !!!

Let’s bring the magic back into your life, lets bring the awareness back to the constant messages and whispers of our heart.

Schedule your gift call with me & Let’s make some dreams come true! 

ENERGY EXCHANGE of €2999,- excl. VAT. Including Ceremonial Cacao Discovery pack with a value of  € 80,75 and a astrology reading €179. Can be paid in 3 monthly instalments of 999,-

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