What is a cacao ceremony

A Cacao Ceremony is a sacred ritual, where a group of people come together to consume Ceremonial Grade Cacao as a plant medicine, to open up to the wisdom of their hearts. 

Cacao Ceremonies originate from the indigenous Maya culture, where they have been consuming cacao a sacred beverage for thousands of years. In our western world Cacao ceremonies have become cultural rituals to strengthen community and spiritual practises , due to the heart opening effects this sacred plant medicine holds. 

Cacao ceremony


A Cacao Ceremony is about deepening your sense of self, experiencing the incredible benefits of drinking cacao  and weaving the threads of community.

Within a Cacao Ceremony you begin to expand your hearts energy,  allowing the love-infused chemicals of the sacred cacao plant to nourish every fiber of your being. Feel the support, love and warmth of community and experience an elevated mood, a deeper connection to your inner self / inner child, and an overwhelming sense of well-being. 

It’s a holistic experience that nurtures your mind, body, and soul, leaving you with a heart full of love, a soul at peace, and a community bond of like-minded people to support you on your souls path of self and spiritual discovery.

It’s within this sacred spaces that we set powerful intentions to guide us on our soul’s path. Together, exploring ways to strengthen your connection to your true self. Usually through guided meditations, visualisations, journaling and the rhythmic heartbeat of music, that will all help you tune in to the whispers of your heart. As you do, you’ll find increased feelings of joy, happiness, and euphoria. Stress will melt away, replaced by a sense of profound relaxation.  In this article you can read more about the benefits of Ceremonial Cacao


Cacao Ceremonies originated from the indigenous Maya culture. For them the sacred fire is always present in a cacao ceremony and can only be facilitated by a Aj’q’ij,– Maya Spiritual leader. These ceremonies are deeply spiritual connecting to the energies of the micro and macro cosmos and are officially called a “Kotz’i’j”

Our nowadays moderen Cacao Ceremonies have evolved and common combination of Cacao ceremonies in the west are:

Breathwork, Yoga (Nidra), Sound Healing, KAP, Creative Art & Ecstatic Dance.

Every Cacao Ceremony is different and every Cacao facilitators has their own way of conducting a sacred space. However they mostly share the following commodities: Safe warmth community space incl a altar, cleansing / smudging of the space with drop in meditation / invocation.  intention setting, drinking cacao together and sharing circles

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A Cacao facilitator holds a deep knowledge about the plant medicine and the effects it can have upon individuals. They are usually trained by someone with a deeper connection to the practice.

Your Cacao facilitator holds the space and guide you through different practises to deepen your connection to the self, let your creativity rise, your heart speak and body move freely. Its their job to create a safe space for self expression.

Not one Cacao Ceremony is that same and every cacao facilitator guides you in their own unique style. Its important to say, that not every cacao facilitator possess trauma-informed training. Therefore, it’s crucial to research your facilitator, understand their background, and familiarise yourself with their teaching methods to determine if they align with your needs. 

Always listen to your heart and go to what feels good and aligned for you. If for any reason your cacao facilitators gives you the feeling of not feeling seen or heard. this is not the space for you.

On our partner page you can find several Cacao facilitators, each holding their own unique practise. 

depending on your intention and the type of Cacao Ceremony you are about to embark on, can leave you with the 

heart meditation


Ceremonial Cacao can have a profound life changing effect when consumed in ceremony. However, its amazing health benefits for the physical, emotions and spiritual body can still be felt when creating your own Cacao ritual at home.  Many people within the Herbal Cacao community drink this sacred beverage as part of their morning practise, as a healthy coffee alternatief, or energy booster in the day. 

Cacao is a gently loving plant medicine were we encourage to establish a relationship with. Its different for everyone on how they prefer to drink their cacao. You can drink it alone to enhance your spiritual practise or drink it with friends and family to establish beautiful heart opening conversations. The possibilities are endless and we encourage to explore them to find out what works for you

We have created unique ceremonial Cacao blends for different occasions,  with different flavour profiles and added health benefits. 

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