how to make ceremonial cacao


Step 1: Choose your dosage

1 bag contains 100 gram

  • 10 gram = Regular serving | Normale dosering
  • 20 gram = Meditation serving | Meditatie dosering
  • 30+ gram > max 50 gram = Ceremonial serving | Ceremoniële dosering


Dosage Herbal cacao


Step 2: Add warm liquid

  • Water
  • (Plant) Milk *Oats milk recommended
  • Herbal Tea

Recent studies suggest that cows milk blocks the absorption of minerals

Try not to boil the liquid, as it changes the chemical nature of the bean



Step 3: Blend / Whisk

Some of the Herbal Cacao blends are already potently spiced with: Cayenne pepper, Ceylon cinnamon, Vanilla or Rose

Feel free to add any other sweeteners / herbs / spices of your choice.

whisk cacao