Ceremonial Cacao NIBS


Ceremonial CACAO NIBS,- Belize


Our Cacao Nibs are broken up Ceremonial Seeds, from indigenous Maya tribes,- Southern Belize. These Maya family farmers support sustainable agroforestry and harvest their cacao with deep respect for “La Madre Tierra”. Bringing you honest, premium, sustainable 100% pure cacao of the highest quality, that is  classified organic and “Ceremonial Grade”.

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You can use these nibs to grind your own Ceremonial Cacao paste using a metate or springle them into your recipy to create super food breakfast or banana cake. Some other beautiful creations to absorb its natural holistic health benefits are to Add them to your cheese and crackers, salad, smoothie bowl, granola, yoghurt or simply snack for your pocket on any journey


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cacao NIBS
Ceremonial Cacao NIBS
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