Partnership program



Are you passionate about holistic health?

Are you a space holder, facilitator, healer, coach or teacher that is working with cacao or is intending to add ceremonial cacao to your practises / teachings?

I honour you, I see you, I love you and I thank you for doing this work.

We all have our own unique gift to the world, each in their own unique way.

BENEFITS Partnership Program:

Cookie days   30 days
Commission type / amount   10.00 % Percent Of Sale
*Exclusive Community Opportunity Opportunity to promote your events with the Herbal Cacao community, via our events calendar, online community, newsletter and Cacao Circles
Additional terms* Buy wholesale for your cacao circle, retreat, workshop ceremony for a min of just 5 per blend

Together we build a strong community, to support a new concsious world


My name is Sharon Fernie and I am the founder of Herbal Cacao. I am on a mission to help improve peoples lives by the power of sacred plants. In my holistic approach to life I share the same believe as the indigenous Maya; Incorporating all 4 elements for optimal health Earth, Fire, Water, Air: The physical, mental, emotional and spiritual body. Join me in helping people transform in the best possible most unique version they are.

By bringing together the ancient spiritual world and the down to earth western world. Ensure a positive effect throughout the supply chain. From supporting organic sustainable agroforestry, protecting the indigenous lifestyle & traditions of ancient Maya tribes, to bio-degradable packaging. Providing a product with a positive effect on ALL LEVELS,- supporting a conscious new world!

I truly want you to be the best version of yourself in all aspects; Physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually!!!

FOUNDER - Sharon Fernie

Join me in creating a conscious new world


FREE promotion of your cacao events on the Herbal Cacao websites, which I will highlight in our monthly newsletter and online community.

You would earn 10% of any of my sales that are a direct result of your referral to my product on Herbal Cacao, including 30 Cookie days. 

FREE online Cacao Circles, For now these are free and will change into a small donation for the community in the future. However, as a partner of Herbal Cacao they will stay for free! In this give & take community YOU will be held every month by an other partner of the community. In exchange we ask you to share YOUR gift with us all by co-hosting one of the Cacao Circle's together with me.

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Buy wholesale and share the Herbal Cacao blends with your own community in ceremony, circle, workshop, treatment etc. The minimum order quantity is just 5 per blends. You will have *free shipping and payment terms of 60 days. This way we all win in sharing the cacao love. To see wholesale prices and apply click here