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Embark on a journey of holistic wellness with our Ceremonial Cacao from Belize, infused with their traditional spices, potently blended together with Chaga “The King of the Medicinal Mushrooms”.

This non-psychedelic functional mushroom has been used for centuries by Siberian tribes and shamans for its medicinal properties and spiritual activation of the Third-Eye. One of the most important components in Chaga are the beta-glucans that help the body to regulate the immune system, either in suppressing an overactive immune system or in helping to build up a damaged one. Chaga contains the highest amount of antioxidants,- like SOD (Super Oxide Dismutase) and Melanin in the world! A true king in the mushroom realm!

✨ Embrace holistic well-being and profound connection to the cosmos with our “Immune Support”.  Merging the heart-opening effects of Ceremonial Cacao and the transformative essence of Chaga mushroom that nurture your body’s natural defenses, whilst activating your connection to your higher chakra- empowering you to set high goals, own your power and manifest all your heart’s desires.


Ceremonial Cacao, Chaga (Inonotuus Obliquus), Cayenne Pepper, Ceylon Cinnamon, Vanilla powder

Pepe di Caienna: Una spezia originaria delle antiche terre Maya che contribuisce ad aumentare i poteri medicinali del cacao. Aiuta ad aumentare il flusso sanguigno, la salute dell'apparato digerente e la quantità di calore prodotta dal corpo, facendoti bruciare più calorie e può darti una sensazione di sazietà più a lungo. Può ridurre l’infiammazione e spingere il sangue pulito e ossigenato verso le cellule.

Cannella di Ceylon: Un'erba potente usata come medicina tradizionale per aumentare la circolazione. Gli antiossidanti della cannella hanno effetti antinfiammatori e la cinnamaldeide ha proprietà antimicotiche e antibatteriche. La cannella può anche aiutare a ridurre i livelli di zucchero nel sangue.

Vaniglia: Cacao e Vaniglia vanno insieme come Romeo e Giulietta. Annusare la vaniglia può avere effetti calmanti sulla mente. Sia gli Aztechi che i Maya usavano la vaniglia per migliorare gli effetti di apertura del cuore del cacao, poiché credevano che l'aggiunta di vaniglia avrebbe dato effetti afrodisiaci.

1 bag contains 100 gram,- Divided into 10 easily to break up into 10 gram pieces each.

  • 10-20 grams = Regular drinking serving
  • 20-30 grams = Meditative drinking serving
  • 30-50 grams = Ceremonial drinking serving

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Add warm liquid of choice: Water (Plant) Milk, or herbal tea. [Do not boil the liquid or you will lose most of the magic]

Then set an intention as you blend / whisk the cacao magic.

Note: The cacao is already potently spiced with: Cayenne pepper, Ceylon cinnamon and Vanilla.

Sentiti libero di aggiungere altri dolcificanti / erbe / spezie a tua scelta.

Cacao is always best when consumed straight after opening and when shared with loved ones. Otherwise, you best off storing it in a cool and dry place far far away from any other cacao lover 😉 

Important to note to keep your cacao away from moisture so you can prolong the shelf life to two years or even longer!

Additionally, ceremonial cacao, being a natural product without the preservatives often found in commercial chocolate, may be more susceptible to changes in texture over time as its a very sensitive for moist and temperature change! However if your cacao is melted it is still oke to use and still contains all its properties.

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Our Chaga is sustainably wild-harvested in a beautiful National Forest by an Estonian family deeply passionate about its medicinal properties, embodying a legacy of love and knowledge passed down through generations. It then goes through an activation process to make it both water and alcohol-soluble, ensuring you receive the high levels of beta-glucans (>20%) and polysaccharides (>30%) Creating an extremely potent 15:1 Dual extract,- Meaning we use 15 grams of wild harvested Chaga mushroom, to make 1 gram of this concentrated extract.(Read more about Chaga here)

Informazioni aggiuntive

Peso 1.00 g
Dimensioni 20.5 × 13 × 2 cm


Passo 1:

Sciegli il tuo dosaggio

1 pacchetto contiente 100 grammi

5-10 porzioni da bere regolari da 10-20 grammi ciascuna

2-3 potenti dosi cerimoniali di 33,3-50 grammi ciascuna

Dosaggio Cacao alle erbe

Passo 2:

Aggiungi il Latte


Latte Vegetale *Avena raccomandata

[Non far bollire il liquido o perderai la maggior parte della magia]

Passaggio 3:

Miscela / Sbatti la magia

Il cacao è già potentemente speziato con: pepe di Caienna, cannella di Ceylon, vaniglia.

Sentiti libero di aggiungere altri dolcificanti / erbe / spezie a tua scelta.

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