Mayan Copal Incense bundle (Hand-rolled)


3 sticks per bundle

A very unique and high quality White Copal Incense Sticks. Hand rolled by indigenous tribes from Southern Mexico, Chiapas.

Mayan Copal has been burned over thousands of years and still is one of the most iconic products from Meso-American culture used today. The indigenous Maya use this magical incense stick,- or “Pom” in the Tzotzil Mayan native tongue, for ceremonies including cleanses, smudging, healing rituals, etc. The smoke is believed to help liberate “MALAS VIBRAS” with its very uplifting, clear, woodsy smell.

Mayan Copal incense sticks are Artisan handmade in Southern Mexico – Chiapas, from a family own Mayan company keeping alive the tradition of “POM”. Using natural copal resin from the most select origin known as “Protium Copal”, with only the best reed and charcoal


Bundle: 3 pieces 27CM

Length: 7 inches.
Duration: approx 2 Hour.
Made in: Chiapas, Mexico.

The perfect smudge to add to your daily Cacao Ritual 

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Weight 2.20 g
Mayan Copal
Mayan Copal Incense bundle (Hand-rolled)